Spiral Ring Galaxy NGC4725

Object Data
Description NGC4725 is a very interesting disk galaxy. Its single spiral arm originates from a large ring a considerable distance out from the center. The entire central portion of the galaxy inside the ring is devoid of significant features and does not appear to contain any gas or dust.
Constellation Coma Berenices, Berenice's Hair
Right Ascension 12h 50m 36s
Declination +25° 28' 53"
Magnitude 10.1
Angular size 10.4 arcminutes
Distance 12.4 megaparsecs (40 million light years)
Radial Velocity 1,206 kilometers per second
Image Data
Photographer Fred Lehman
Main Scope Meade 12" LX200 @ f/5.0 (1525mm)
Guide Scope Orion 120mm refractor @ f/3.75
Guide Camera SBIG STV
Imaging Camera Starlight Xpress MX7C
Resolution 752 x 580 @ 1.2 arcseconds per pixel
Exposure Twenty-one exposures of two minutes each. Aligned, stacked, and processed with AstroArt.
Date May 4, 2003
Location Area 51 in Big Cypress National Preserve in central South Florida.

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